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Yes, home prices are up--but buyers can reap benefits down the road

May 8, 2017

Real estate prices keep rising. And that’s a steep climb for many home buyers nowadays. But the silver lining is that what goes up today can go up even higher in the future—at a time when the hurdle of home buying is far behind you.

New data show that it’s a rewarding time for sellers. But buyers can cash in on those same rewards years from now by doing their homework, purchasing a worthy property in a good location now, and keeping their homes maintained. Learn more about these strategies by reading my latest article for The Mortgage Reports, available here.


Beware: that home for sale could be hazardous to your health

April 30, 2017

Prospective buyer beware: that home for sale you’re eyeing could be a ticking time bomb – perhaps a termite headquarters, lead-based paint mecca, former meth lab site or environmentally polluted property. And you won’t know for sure unless you do your homework, according to the experts.

Learn how to sidestep a property with hidden health hazards by reading my newest piece for CTW Features, available here.


The robots may be coming for your job — are you ready?

April 19, 2017

Hear that metallic clatter off in the distance? It’s the sound of self-driving cars, package-delivering drones, ultra-smart voice-activated digital assistants, hospital robots, and countless other machines encroaching on the boundaries of your workplace. Yes, the bad news is that the age of automation has arrived. But the good news is that most jobs are probably safe from its influence for a long time, and such technology can present opportunities and rewards for workers willing to embrace or get ahead of it.

My latest article for AARP The Magazine covers the threat of technology encroachment in the workplace and how you can make yourself a more indispensable employee in the age of automation. Read it by clicking here.


Publishers perk up their ears for smart speakers

April 11, 2017

Publishers spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears getting their content up to speed on mobile over the past few years. But that’s a platform primarily geared to eyeballs and fingers.

Now, they’ve got to devote attention to the eardrum and vocal chords that can be heard loud and clear on smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo and Google Home, featuring Google Assistant, say the experts. To do otherwise is to risk being drowned out by the sound waves of competitors and overlooked by consumers eager for immediate gratification audio.

Learn more about this tech topic by checking out my latest article for EContent Magazine, available here.


An aviary beyond the ordinary

April 2, 2017

They say the cure for feeling cooped up is to spread your wings and fly. But many pet stores are content to confine sales of bird cages—the most crucial avian commodity that bird owners purchase—to a limited supply and a small selection. That’s an opportunity missed, say the experts, who recommend expanding your offerings to cater to consumers increasingly seeking larger, higher-quality enclosures for their feathered friends.

My latest monthly pet bird trends and products column for Pet Age, which this time around focuses on bird cages, can be read here.


Why it's still a great time to refinance your mortgage

March 19, 2017

If you currently have a mortgage loan, it’s normal to worry that you may be paying too much on the interest. After shopping around, many homeowners find that they often can take advantage of lower rates by refinancing. Recently, however, mortgage rates climbed slightly. What’s more, the Federal Reserve just announced an interest rate hike, which could also make mortgage rates go higher.

In a climate with rising rates, many borrowers choose to put refinancing plans on hold. But despite rates ticking up, experts say now remains a good time to consider a refi and lower your mortgage payment. Learn wide by reading my latest article for The Mortgage Reports, available here.


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