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Hear what employers, clients and collaborators have to say about working with Erik Martin:

"After nearly five years of working with him, I am pleased to say that I’ve rarely encountered a finer writer and contract employee than Erik Martin. Erik wrote more than 70 freelance article assignments for me before I recently retired from my position as Executive Editor of Environment of Care News, a 12-page monthly newsletter published by The Joint Commission. The target audience of EC News is primarily health care facilities managers and engineers but also includes risk managers, architects, safety experts, nurse managers, emergency management experts, and others, such as those in the C-suite. Erik was able to speak with ease to this diverse audience. I assigned Erik a 1,200- to 1,500-word article as well as numerous shorter pieces nearly every month because he’s quick, prompt, and deadline-driven, and his writing is crisp, fast-paced, and accurate. He’s also a master of the catchy, clever, and memorable headline and subhead. Erik is very pleasant to work with—speedy to catch on, good at asking clarifying questions, thorough in his research, responsive to any critique, and always eager to please."
--Kristine M. Miller, executive editor (retired), Joint Commission Resources

"Aside from his fine work ethic, Erik is a talented writer who had the ability to create press releases then switch gears to create compelling ad copy. A stickler for proofreading and appropriate grammar and style, not one word left our office without careful scrutiny over the past 10 years. He was a pitchman who was well-liked by our media contacts as well as by the clients. His straightforward approach was appreciated by all and he was a catalyst in maintaining these business relationships. Erik's point of view was valued during client strategy and planning sessions and he was timely in executive the client's eventual plans." (Click here to view full text of letter of recommendation)
--Lynn Walsh, president, Walsh Communications LLC

"I had the pleasure of bring Erik on to help jump start the new marketing effort of what is now the leading behavioral health firm in the industry (ComPsych Corporation). Erik is a self-starter. He took on crafting a wide array of content to build a critical library needed to support the employees of our customers. It is always a delight to have a staff member who embraces a challenge, delivers a great product and gives their best. That sums up Erik to a tee."
--Mary Paskell, corporate health services consultant, Corporate and Executive Health, Northwestern Medical Group

"Erik has proven to be just the jack-of-all-trades independent contractor that we needed. In addition to ghostwriting columns on my behalf for our company newsletter, he's also provided spot-on ad copy and marketing brochure content for a major campaign we enlisted his services for. It's nice to know that you can rely on a professional like Erik, who consistently delivers quality work in deference to our deadlines."
--Neil Schroeder, senior partner, The Golumb Group

"Erik was a thoughtful and detail-oriented manager who gave his assignments with much clarity, specific goals, and that rarity--kindness. It was a dream to write for him and collaborate with him on public relations pieces for Walsh Communications. Years earlier, I had hired Erik at the Academy of General Dentistry, and even then he showed the makings of someone who would be successful in the communications field. He has a flair for the big picture, but he does not mind doing the nitty-gritty details either."
Silvia Foti, author of Skullduggery and past managing editor for the Academy of General Dentistry

"Erik was a great asset to my small company when he was starting his editorial career in publishing and I wished he could have stayed with us thereafter. For a young man, he was mature, businesslike, creative and a diligent member of our staff when we were publishing a high-pressure trade magazine with tight deadlines. I've yet to bring someone aboard who had Erik's qualities at the outset and I'm sure they only became stronger as his career progressed."
--Ruth Ratny, founder/publisher, and former publisher of Screen Magazine

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